COVID19 Update


We continue to monitor & follow official guidance.

Vanguard is continuing to monitor and follow official guidance from the UK government regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. In the meantime, we have put some measures in place. The majority of our staff are working remotely.  We are still contactable, and in contact with you and your creditors. We will continue to assist you with any IVA queries or changes in circumstances you may expect or are already facing. However, due to the restrictions placed upon us, it may take longer to deal with individual queries. Please bear with us.


Vanguard recognises this is a worrying time for all and wishes all a safe journey through this uncertain period. You may contact us on 0800 019 838 or


Please note, we have changed our opening hours as follows:

Mon – Thurs: 8am – 6pm

Friday: 8am – 5:30pm

Saturday: 9am – 2pm

Temporary Introduction of Revised Terms and Conditions

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the insolvency profession along with some creditors have introduced an amended set of Terms and Conditions that may apply to your IVA.  These are temporary measures and these terms only relate to those clients who are financially affected by the pandemic. A full explanation can be found below.


Please note that these terms require you to provide evidence of a change to your circumstances and remain at the discretion of the Supervisor. Please read the explanation detailed in the link above in full before attempting to contact us. Whilst we are happy to help those who are directly affected, not all our clients will be eligible.


It is important to understand that not all creditors have agreed to these measures so they may not automatically apply to your IVA even if your situation is covered in the Terms and Conditions.


Terms and conditions

We have set out a summary of the main terms of the Terms and Conditions for your ease of reference.


The full Terms and Conditions may be found by following this link: ​


There are a number of conditions that are set out below and we would urge you to read through these before contacting the office.

  • The revised Terms and Conditions will apply from 20th April 2020 and are expected to remain in force until 20th October 2020.  This end date may be extended or reduced at the discretion of the committee overseeing the changes.  Such a reduction or extension will depend on government guidance and other factors and will be kept under regular review.

  • For the avoidance of doubt the application of the temporary amendments can only be applied if your creditors have signed up to this scheme.

  • Any changes to your IVA will be clearly communicated to you as they take effect.

  • If you have an emergency item of expenditure or an unforeseen reduction in income which is directly as a result of the COVID -19 outbreak, then you may apply to reduce your normal monthly payments by up to 25% and to take an additional 3 month payment holiday. However, it is important to stress that

    • Your circumstances must be directly affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

    • We will ask you to provide evidence of any income reduction and we will look at your expenditure to see if there any savings that can easily be made such as travel allowances, motor costs, hairdressing etc.  Please have any letters from your employer, bank statements and relevant wage slips to hand prior to contacting us.  These will need to be sent to us in due course. We cannot agree to anything without proper evidence.

    • Any reductions or payment breaks are at the sole discretion of the Supervisor.

  • Please note that any shortfall of payments made under this scheme must be made up by future payments, usually during an extended term and that any extension to the term of the IVA cannot extend beyond 12 months.

  • If a payment holiday is agreed, then this is in addition to any payment break already agreed as part of your IVA.

  • If there is a breach of your IVA, we will notify you as normal.  If the breach cannot be remedied as a direct result of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Supervisor may suspend the breach notice effect.  The breach will still remain and will still require to be remedied.

  • Where a critical worker earns overtime during this period, they will not have to pay in any sums which would normally be due into the IVA from this overtime.  A list of critical workers is defined by the government here Further proof of critical worker status may be required at the Supervisor’s discretion.

  • No attempt will be made to realise the equity that is included in the proposal unless you want to do so.  This only applies when the equity is due to be realised during the period these revised terms are in force. Assuming you do not wish to realise the equity, an automatic extension of 12 months will be applied to your IVA term and the equity will be deemed to be dealt with.  We will still need to obtain a valuation of the property and a statement of debt from any secured creditors.

  • Any redundancy worth more than 6 months of your take home pay may not be required to be paid into the IVA immediately.  This is at the discretion of the Supervisor, applies for the period that these revised terms are in force and is subject to the existing terms regarding redundancy i.e. you must continue to pay the scheduled monthly contributions and pay to the IVA and sums remaining if you secure new employment.


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